Frequently Asked Questions

The key difference is that this razor uses a single, metallic blade. Most modern razors have multiple blades housed in plastic casing.

We've found that more blades doesn't mean a closer shave. Quite the opposite. 

With a Lane 44 razor, the blade cuts at the surface of the skin. There are no barriers between the cutting edge and the skin. 

With multi-blade razors, the plastic casing often restricts the blades proximity to the skin meaning you have to push down to get in any way a close shave. This causes ingrown hairs and razor burn.

It's really easy to use but there are some differences between using this razor and using a disposable.

Let the weight do the hard work.

There's no need to apply pressure. In fact, that's one of the reasons this razor is so kind to skin. It effortlessly glides over the surface with no tugging or pulling - even in those hard to reach places.

It's all about the angle.

This is actually really intuitive. Hold the razor at the base of the handle and position at a 30 degree angle against the skin. The curve of the head makes this really easy.

It couldn't be easier!

  1.  Twist the base of the handle to open the head. 
  2. Carefully unwrap the blade and hold by the short sides.
  3. Slide the blade over the ridge and twist to close tightly.

It's important to always use a sharp blade. This will ensure there's no tugging or drag. Thankfully, our blades are a fraction of the price of disposables.

The below is a rough guide to make sure you always have a sharp blade for shaving.

Regular Shavers

If you're shaving daily or most days, we recommend changing your blade at least once a week.

Moderate Shavers

If you're shaving once or twice per week, it's best to change your blade every two weeks.

Infrequent Shavers

If you only shave a couple of times per month, change your blade monthly but make sure to keep it dry to avoid the blade rusting.

This razor performs best when no pressure to very little pressure is applied. 

When starting out, we always recommend applying no pressure at all and letting the weight of the razor do the work. 

Of course. We recommend shaving about 70% of the way through your shower or bath. This gives your skin enough time to heat up and allows the hairs to absorb the water and soften for a really comfortable shave.

The handle of the razor is textured to ensure a solid grip.

For sure! As with any sharp object, it's important to use caution but if you want a really close shave with no irritation, using a single blade razor is the best option.

The bikini line is a sensitive area and therefore can be prone to irritation. Using a Lane 44 razor can help alleviate this problem.

Pull the skin tight when shaving around the more challenging areas and use short, straight strokes covering all sides until the job is done.

It's really a matter of personal preference. Our advice would always be to shave in the direction hair grows on the first pass (i.e. with the grain) but it really depends on your preference. 

When it comes to shaving rash, less is more... that's less blades!

Dermatologists recommend using a single blade razor instead of a multi-blade to avoid razor burn. The reason - more blades equals more friction.

We've also found that with disposable razors you often have to complete multiple passes to get a close shave. With every pass, you have multiple blades dragging across your skin.

With the Lane 44 razor, you get a closer shave with less passes and less blades. 

Multi-blade razors are designed to pull the skin taut. This can cause the remaining blades to cut under the skin’s surface which can lead to ingrown hairs. Single-blade razors cut at the skin’s surface without having to apply any pressure.

Remember to always use a sharp blade. Although your razor will still function for a while, body hairs quickly dull down the blades. A blunt blade means tugging, irritation, and—you guessed it—a higher chance of ingrown hairs. 

We would always recommend using a high quality shaving cream when you shave. This will not only protect the skin, it will lubricate creating a easy surface for your razor to glide over.

Many popular shaving gels contain alcohol which can leave the skin feeling dry post-shave. Our shave cream contains only natural ingredients and has been designed to lock in moisture even when shaving. 

An exfoliator pre-shave is also a really great step. This creates a nice, flat surface for your razor by getting rid of excess oils and any dead skin cells. It also helps to make sure hairs are standing up ready to be shaved.

It's not uncommon for disposable razors to cause irritation to the skin. This has led to many women switching to waxing but often this can still cause some ingrown hairs and irritation.

If you're considering switching back to shaving for whatever reason, we would love for you to try this razor. Hundreds of women switched from waxing to our plastic free razor over lockdown and aren't looking back. 

To the UK

We ship orders over £15 and blade refills free of charge.

Orders under £15 (excluding blade refills) we apply a small £1.99 charge for delivery. We ship Royal Mail 2nd Class as standard.

To the EU

We are based in Northern Ireland and no customs charges apply to orders going to the EU or the UK. 


Customs charges may apply.

We generally dispatch within 24 - 48 hours (working days only) of an order arriving with us and our typical delivery times are between 2 and 5 days to the UK and 3 and 7 days to Ireland.

As with any company, we are reliant on our service partners and we cannot guarantee delivery times but more often than not, items will arrive within the above time period. 

If you have placed an order and it has not arrived within the time period mentioned above, please let us know and we can advise.

If your order has not arrived with 7 days of placing an order, please get in contact with us and we will chase up our delivery partners. More often than not deliveries are made without issue but delays do happen and we understand how frustrating that can be. We're here to help.

We would always recommend purchasing our blade bank with our razor. It's half price when bought with a razor.

When you've finished with a blade, simply remove it from the razor and post it through the slot in the blade bank. Fill the blade bank with as many blades as you can (this might take a year or two depending on how often you change the blades) and simply pop it in the recycling.

The Lane 44 razor is made from high-quality metallic components. It's designed to last a really long time.

If the razor is looked after properly, you should expect it to last forever.

Plastic razors can be recycled. However, the vast majority will never be recycled.

There are a number of components used to produce a plastic razor. That makes it tricky to recycle. Combine this with the fact we're dealing with sharp blades, the challenges only become greater.

For that reason, it's often deemed not worthwhile to recycle a razor from a financial standpoint. 

At least 2 billion plastic razors end up in a landfill or our oceans every year.