Shaving rash can be painful and annoying. That’s why our razor has been specifically designed to fight against irritated skin! We’re of the opinion that the best way to avoid irritation is to stop it happening in the first place.

women shaving leg with safety razor

3 quick tips to stop shaving rash on legs

Your razor. Use a single-blade razor. More blades equals more friction and that leads to increased irritation. Dermatologists agree.

Your blade. Make sure you're using a sharp blade. A dull blade will increase the chances of red bumps. They need changed roughly every 4 - 7 shaves to ensure smooth hair removal.

Preparation. A warm bath. A hot shower. This is essential before shaving. The heat from warm water will soften your hair and make it stand up ready to be shaved.

Safety razor twist to open in woman
Woman inserting single blade to safety razor

How a single-blade razor can help fight razor bumps.

Our Plastic Free Razors use a single, sharp blade. This allows our razor to cut at the surface of the skin. The results; fewer passes, a closer shave, no ingrown hairs. This all adds up to a HUGE reduction in shaving rash on legs.

Always use a sharp blade. With the cost of blades going through the roof, it’s tempting to not switch blades as often as we should but using a dull razor blade is a leading cause of shaving rash on legs.

So what happens when you use a less sharp blade. Well, a dull razor blade tugging and nicking at your skin causes the area around the hair follicles to inflame as well as increasing the likelihood of cutting yourself.

With a dull razor blade, you'll need to go over and over the same area to get a close shave. You're also more likely to apply pressure which increases the chances you'll cut under the skins surface which leads us nicely to our next point.

So to avoid irritation when you shave your legs, always use a sharp blade and avoid shaving with a dull blade.

Use no pressure when shaving. Your razor blade should cut at the surface of the skin. When it cuts beneath the skin’s surface, it causes ingrown hairs.

This is a very common issue with multi-blade razors and one of the reasons we designed our razor to use a single blade. If you have sensitive skin, dermatologists advise to use a single-blade razor.

With our plastic free razor, you apply absolutely no pressure at all. There's no need. Our razor is weighted to ensure it applies the correct amount of pressure every time. Your job is simply to glide over the areas you need shaved.

Get ready to wave goodbye to shaving rash and irritated skin and say hello to super smooth legs.

Use shave cream to avoid shaving rash
Not pressing down when shaving is key to avoiding shaving rash

Preparation is key

We strongly advise everyone we speak to to shower before or as you shave your legs. The warm water softens the hairs and prepares them perfectly for a much more comfortable shave but using the right shaving products can further improve the hair removal process.

Exfoliating pre-shave helps get rid of dead skin cells and any excess oils providing a flat surface over which your razor can glide.

We strongly advise using a natural shaving specific lubricant as you shave your legs - especially if you suffer from dry skin. Look out for anything with ingredients like aloe.

Choose the right shaving cream

A good quality shave cream will do two things:

  1. Hydrate
  2. Lubricate

We've touched on the importance of showering/bathing before shaving to avoid rash on your legs. A good quality shave cream should further soften your hairs and skin in advance of shaving.

Why is this important? Well, stubbly hair tends to be tough and wiry. The more we can soften it, the more comfortable your shave will be.

Remember to exfoliate before applying shaving cream. This will allow your skin to better absorb the product increasing it's benefit during shaving.

A good quality shaving cream should also create a thin, smooth layer above your skin. The allow your razor to smoothly glide across your skins with as little disruption to the skin surface as possible.

With our Vegan Shave Cream, you should notice your skin feeling really moisturised and fresh after shaving. It's been developed to have conditioner-like consistency which we've found to be the most effective when tackling areas that are prone to shaving rash such as the bikini line and under arms.

But the single-blade is scary! We hear you but it's really easy to use and it really does work. There's absolutely nothing to be worried about.

Just rest the razor on your skin and let it glide. It really is that simple.

The big difference is the application of pressure. With multi-blade cartridges, we've found you have to apply a lot of pressure to get a close shave. More blades, more pressure, more irritation.

With our razor, no pressure is needed ever. This is actually one of the main reasons why it will get rid of shaving rash on legs.