3 Alternative Reasons Why It's Time to Ditch the Plastic Razor! Why is a Plastic Free Razor Better?

We’re going to tell you why you should ditch your old razor and start shaving plastic free… and the reasons aren’t what you might expect!

1. If you look good, we look good!

There’s something about quality. It just feels that little bit better.

The first thing you notice about the plastic free razor is how it looks. That shiny, metallic surface. The textured handle. The striking curvature of the head. It’s made to look good.

Pick up a plastic free razor; feel the weight. It’s not like your disposable razor. It feels good in your hand.

Alternative reason number 1; there’s a reason we like nice things. They make us feel great!


2. Looks aren’t everything!

Looking good and feeling good are not the same thing.

We love the look of our plastic free razors but it’s how they make you feel that’s most important.

One of the big problems faced by the majority of shavers is shaving rash and razor bumps.

Two main causes; infected hair follicles and ingrown hairs. Problems linked to low quality disposable and multi-blade razors (find out more here - just type 'Shaving Rash' to get started).

Put simply, more blades = more friction = more irritation.

By using a single blade, the plastic free razor helps you get rid of shaving rash once and for all. As an added bonus, you’re not restricted to any one type of blade meaning you can use the blade that really works best for your skin.

Alternative reason number 2; the same as number 1. They make us feel great!

Note: we’re obviously in the business of selling products but we genuinely believe it’s important to help people feel great. We support the ‘Campaign Against Living Miserably’ (CALM), a movement against male suicide in the UK, by donating 5% of every sale to their cause.

3. Is it a luxury or will it actually save me money?

It looks great. It feels great. But how much does it cost?

By using a plastic free razor, you can save a fortune on razor blades; as much as £200 per year!!

What if you could shave for just £20 per year… well, you can… (check out how much you can save by using our saving calculator - just click here type 'Savings Calculator' to get started).

Alternative reason number 3; it looks great, it feels great, it saves me a fortune!!

Take a look at our plastic free razors here. Each comes with a month’s supply of blades and a protective bathroom stand completely free.