How to Use a Plastic Free Razor

We’ve made a quick and convenient guide on using your first double edge safety razor. In this guide, we cover the basics to get the most out of your first shave.



Why use a safety razor?

Safety razors offer men the best shaving experience. They shave closer than plastic multi-blade cartridges whilst helping to reduce razor burn and ingrown hairs.

Save Money

DE safety razor blades are significantly more cost effective. Plastic multi-blade cartridges are expensive and labour intensive to produce meaning a higher cost. DE blades cost a fraction of the price meaning significant long term savings.

The Environmental Benefits

It's estimated that around 2 billion disposable razors and razor cartridges are sent to landfill each year. Plastic razors and razor cartridges are practically impossible to recycle. A double edge safety razor uses a metallic blade which is easily recycled at your local recycling center.

Your First Shave

Safety razors are really easy to use and with a bit of practice, you will be an expert in no time; making huge savings on razor blades, enjoying a more comfortable shave and benefiting the environment all at the same time.

Step 1 We always recommend shaving after a hot shower. It really helps to open the pours and soften the hairs for a more comfortable shave. You can also apply a hot towel for a minute or so to achieve the same.

Step 2 Apply your shaving cream and leave for roughly 30 seconds. This will further soften the hairs on your face and provide a lubricant like protective layer that allows your safety razor blade to glide effortlessly across your skin.

Step 3 When you're ready to begin shaving, there's no need to apply much pressure. Simply hold your safety razor at a 30 degree angle and allow the weight of your safety razor to rest against your skin using your hand to guide. Shave in straight lines with the grain. If you've any questions, please feel free to get in touch!