A plastic free razor is really easy to use and the most eco-friendly shaving option available. There are some slight differences though when compared to disposable plastic razors. It's because of these differences that it gives a much closer shave with no irritation. 

3 quick tips for a more comfortable shave

Hot water from a bath or shower before shaving will soften the hairs making them easier to shave. Do this before shaving for the best results. 

Exfoliating makes the skins surface smooth by removing dead skin cells and excess dirt and oils. It will also help lift hairs ready for a super close shave. 

Shaving cream provides a protective layer that allows your plastic free razor to glide effortlessly across your skin. Leave for roughly 30 seconds to further soften the hairs.

Getting started with an eco-friendly razor

It might look scary but using a plastic free razor is really very simple. Here's a quick guide to get you started. 

Inserting your metal razor blade. Grip the razor tightly at the neck with one hand and begin twisting at the base with the other. This will open the head of your razor. Place a safety razor blade over the ridge and close tightly.

As you close the head, you will notice the single blade bend to a 30 degree angle. The blade angle is important as this ensures everything is perfect for a close shave.

Use no pressure. Holding the razor at the base, gently rest the metal blade on your skin at approximately a 30 degree angle. Using absolutely no pressure, glide your razor across your skin. Use straight strokes and take it slow to begin.

The application of pressure is a key difference between a plastic free razor and a disposable razor. By applying no pressure, our safety razor blades cut at the surface of the skin resulting in a much closer shave that is free of irritation. 

Changing the blades. It's important to always use a sharp razor blade when shaving. This will help you to avoid shaving rash. We recommend changing your safety razor blades every 4 to 7 shaves.

When using cartridge razors, replacement blades can be so expensive that it's often tempting not to change as often as we should. Single blade razors will save you a fortune and allow you to change blades as often as necessary resulting in a much more comfortable shaving experience.