Plastic Free Razor Chrome with packaging
Plastic Free Razor Chrome
Plastic Free Razor Packaging

Plastic Free Razor - Chrome

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Included with Trial Set

  • 1 x Chrome Plastic Free Razor
  • 5 x Safety Razor Blades
  • 30 Day Trial (View No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee)

A More Comfortable Shave

Big shaving companies have done an excellent job in pushing the more blades, closer shave message. In actual fact, more blades simply means more friction which in turn causes more irritation. Multi-blade razors also have a habit of clogging up with cut hair. This makes it more difficult to achieve a close shave.

Save a Fortune

Safety razor blades cost a fraction of the price of cartridge blades. We sell a years supply of blades for just £20. Depending on the brand you're using and how often you shave, you can save nearly £200 per year by using our razor and blades.


Find out how much you can save by switching to  Plastic Free Razor. Click here and say 'Savings Calculator' to our bot and it will work out how much you can save each year!!

Plastic Free

Every year, we throw away over 2 billion disposable razors. Plastic has many great uses but the amount we throw away is killing our planet! Over half the plastic we produce is thrown away within one year. Our goal is to reduce the amount of throw away plastic we produce.

How the Trial Works

Switching your razor is a big decision. It's taking a leap of faith in to the unknown in search of something better - much better in our opinion! We love our products but it's important that you do too. That's why all of our Plastic Free Razors come with a 30 day trial period.


This means you've 30 days to try it out, love it as much as we do or send it back to us.

Here's the details

Reduce Shaving Rash

For Guys

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For Girls

Easy Blade Reload

For Heads

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For Legs

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One blade. Less irritation.

It only takes a single blade. No hair pulling. No razor burn. Just a great shave free from ingrown hairs and irritation.

Just pop a blade in and let your razor do the work for you. No pressing down required - just the simple combination of a weighted razor and great angles. The perfect shave every time.

How to use

We'll include directions with your order but it's super easy to use. The razor is angled and weighted to be intuitively picked up.

In short, keep it at a 30 degree angle, use short, straight strokes and let the weight do the work (i.e. no need for pressure).

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Raving about shaving

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Fantastic razor!! Never had a better razor or a closer shave! Bought another one for a family member.

Emma - Belfast

customer image

Quality product that was delivered very fast! I got introduced to Lane 44 as i wanted to reduce the amount of plastic I use daily and it was perfect for that... not to mention a great shave.

Ryan - Belfast

customer image

These look great in our bathroom! 

ben and kirsty - london

customer image

Unique product, funky brand and very fast delivery. Would highly recommend!

Aran - glasgow

Save a Fortune on Blades 

Everyone knows razor blades cost way too much. Our blades cost a fraction of the price of leading competitors meaning huge savings for you.

Safety Razor Blades (x60)
Safety Razor Blades (x60)

12 Month Supply of Blades (60 Safety Razor Blades)

Safety Razor Blades (x30)
Safety Razor Blades (x30)

6 Month Supply of Blades (30 Safety Razor Blades)