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What She Said...

Mia on Trustpilot

'I bought this razor to try and be more eco friendly and little did I know I would find the best razor out there! It gives such a close shave and the shave cream I bought with it has the most gorgeous scent.'

Naomi on Trustpilot

'I have dark, quite thick hair and found that women’s disposable razors just didn’t do the job - didn’t have a close shave and I was usually left with irritation. From switching to the Lane44, all this changed. This razor gives such a close shave and literally leaves me with no irritation at all!'

Kirsty on

'I’ve truly never been happier shaving since switching over. My skin is happy, I even started using their shaving cream and moisturizer and exfoliating smoothie. It’s magnificent and even with my sensitive skin, I’ve never reacted. They send tons of support and videos and information on the lead up to receiving your first box, and it took away a lot of stress for me.'


How can I shave for 20p?

When you get started with one of our Repeat boxes, you'll get discounted refills delivered according to your shaving requirements.

It's just £8 for 10 blades & you should expect at least 4 good shaves per blade.

How will this save me money?

Most razors are made using flimsy plastic components which are prone to breaking. We've built ours to last using high quality metals and zero plastic.

You should expect your razor to last years - a lifetime even if you look after it.

Once you own your razor, you get access to blades that cost a fraction of the price. Oh... & they're really easy to recycle too!!

Why is this different to other eco razors?

We see a lot of companies promoting their metal handles as planet friendly but the reality is that the vast majority still use plastic refill cartridges which are highly unlikely to ever be recycled.

There plastic refill cartridges are clipped onto the metal handle using flimsy plastic contraptions that are prone to breaking meaning increased waste.

Our razor is 100% metallic and uses 100% metallic blades. All of our Starter Boxes come with a Blade Recycling Bin to allow you to easily and safely recycle your used blade from your home.

How will this razor stop ingrown hairs and razor burn?

The Lane44 razor cuts your hair at skin level; not below it. This means less friction, less irritation and less ingrown hairs as well as smoother shave.

If you have sensitive skin, shaving with a safety razor will most likely be better for you than shaving with disposable & multi-blade razors.

Most modern razors have multiple blades. The theory being more blades will give you a close shave. The problem is that these blades cut below the surface of your skin, leaving it vulnerable to ingrown hairs, irritation and razor burn. 

The single blade cuts the hair cleanly, at skin level and due to the weight of the head, no real pressure needs to be applied. This means that there is less chance of irritating your skin or causing ingrown hairs.

I've seen people saying their hair grows back slower using this razor, is this true?

No razor can slow down or speed up the rate your hair grows at. That is down to genetics.

However, a lot of our customers do tell us that they have to shave less often. We put this down to the fact that our razor gives a much closer shave.

If I choose a Repeat Box, how easy is it to amend my plan?

It's really easy & you can do it from within your account.

Just create an account using the same email address you used to purchase and all your details will be available when you login.