For You. For the Planet.

Tired of having to use a man's neon green razor to get a decent shave? So were we!

It turns out our Nans knew a thing or two about smooth skin... So we took a leaf out of their book and ditched the plastic multi-blades in favour of a planet savin', smooth shavin' razor for life.

shave the planet

Plastic. Not Fantastic.

Plastic razors are... well... sh**e. They irritate our skin, they're bloody expensive and they're super difficult to recycle. In fact, way over 2 billion of them end up in landfills and oceans every year causing harm to our natural environment and millions of cute animals... even some not so cute ones!

More Blades, More Problems

Smooth Operator

So yea... about our plastic razor rant. Sorry... not sorry. But on a serious note, when it comes to shaving, less is more. Less blades. Less pressure (no pressure at all actually). Less waste. A single blade cuts directly at the skins surface delivering a really close shave without the need to really push down.