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Plastic Free

Each year, billions plastic razors are sent to landfill. Plastic is a great material with many fantastic uses but the items we dispose of within 1 year are having a really detrimental effect on our environment.

Made using the best materials on the planet, our fully metallic Plastic Free Razor uses only fully metallic safety razor blades. These take less resource to make and are really easy to recycle after use... plus they'll save you a fortune on shaving!!

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Everybody needs a sustainable alternative to overpriced plastic razors.

Our Guarantee

Our job is to convince you to ditch the plastic razor.

Switching your razor is a big decision. It's taking a leap of faith in to the unknown in search of something better - much better in our opinion! We love our products but it's important that you do too. That's why all of our Plastic Free Razors come with a 30 day trial period.

This means you've 30 days to try it out, love it as much as we do or send it back to us.

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Product features

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Better for Skin

More blades means more friction. This increases the likelihood of shaving rash. Find out more here.


Save Money

It's no secret replacement blades are way too expensive! Our blades work better and cost a fraction of the price. Find out more here.


Last a Lifetime

Our Plastic Free Razors are built to last. We've made them using only the best materials on the planet. 


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