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'I find it so easy to use, gives a perfectly close shave with no irritation and I love how convenient it is.'

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'It gives such a close shave and doesn’t give me razor bumps! I’ve recommended it to all of my friends!'

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'I was really scared, BUT it's so good. I've never cut myself at all. The shave is amazing.'

Your Planet Needs You

Join thousands of women and let's kick plastic to the curb together. Every minute, over 4000 plastic razors are made. It's a lot of waste & landfill for products that last a few months at most! So what are you waiting for? Your body is going to love this just as much as your planet.


How will this give me a closer shave?

To get a closer shave, you don't need to apply pressure to the razor. You just need to let it do its job.

That's why we designed our razor so that the blades cut directly at the skin level - they're not surrounded by loads of soap pads which push them away from your skin. 

When we designed our razor, we wanted to make sure that when a woman shaves her legs, arm, face, wherever, she's able to get as close as possible to her skin. And so we moved the blades as close to the skin as possible while ensuring they were protected by safety bars.

How will it help stop ingrown hairs?

A safety razor cuts your hair at skin level-not below it. This means less friction, less irritation and ingrown hairs, and a smoother shave. If you have sensitive skin, shaving with a safety razor might be better for you than shaving with disposable razors.

Most modern razors have multiple blades. The theory being more blades will give you a close shave. The problem is that these blades cut below the surface of your skin, leaving it vulnerable to ingrown hairs, irritation and razor burn. 

The single blade cuts the hair cleanly, at skin level and due to the weight of the head, no real pressure needs to be applied. This means that there is less chance of irritating your skin or causing ingrown hairs.

Does it actually make my hair grow back slower?

Many Lane44 users notice they shave less often but this definitely isn't due to stunting hair growth. This is most likely to be because you get a closer shave that lasts longer, so will have to shave less often.

How long will the razor last?

Keep it safe and it will last a lifetime!

It's made from high quality metals and powder coated to ensure it avoids rust.*

With blades from just £15year, a Lane44 razor is a great way to cut the costs of shaving whilst protecting the planet.

*Please note that whilst your razor will never rust, razor blades will rust when exposed to water for prolonged periods of time. Always store your razor in a dry place.