woman shaving armpit with sustainble razor
Woman shaving armpit with sustainable razor

Sustainable Razors for Women

Save 30% on a Plastic Free Razor kit for women. Included:

  • A lightweight Plastic Free Razor
  • A 1 Year Supply of Blades (15 Blades)
  • Vegan Shaving Conditioner
  • FREE Blade Bank (worth £7)
  • Full Price £56. Today £39.
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"I am shook. After the initial fear of cutting myself I can honestly say I couldn’t be happier I bit the bullet and purchased this razor. My skin is smooooth. No razor burn, no incidents, this is the closest shave I’ve ever had and it genuinely does last longer. I am a hairy gal and this has been life changing!" - Heather 2021

We're Different

Disposables and replacement razor heads will, most likely, never get recycled. In fact, over 2 billion of the things get binned every year & end up in oceans and landfills across the world.

100% Metallic Razor

woman opening sustainable razor

One razor, made entirely from metal, so it keeps working forever.

Choose from 3 colours

Zero Plastic Blades

woman's hand recycling used blade in blade bank

Single, recyclable stainless steel blades that are sharper and gentler on your skin.

Fewer Rashes. No Ingrown Hairs.

Natural Shave Cream

woman using shaving cream to shave

Softens hair to maximise razor glide. +97% natural ingredients, cruelty free, vegan suitable.

Hydrates, Lubricates, Moisturises

3 Reasons Your Skin Will Thank You For Going Single

  • Multi-blade razors force us to push down to get a close shave. This causes the blades to cut under the skins surface causing ingrown hairs. With a single, sharp blade you never need to apply downward pressure. The blade cuts directly at the skins surface for a smooth finish every time.
  • Single blade razors are easy to clean meaning your razor will never get clogged up like multi-blade disposables do. Razor blades clogged with hair are a great place for bacteria to live which will cause skin irritation when pulled across delicate skin.
  • Replacement blades are so much cheaper meaning you can afford to change them more regularly. Keeping a sharp blade is one of the best ways to achieve irritation free results when shaving.

A Rash Decision You Won't Regret

women's shaving cream

Protect & Hydrate Your Skin

Made with +97% natural ingredients, this vegan-friendly shaving cream will leave your skin feeling moisturised and hydrated post-shave whilst protecting and lubricating during the shaving process. Hair conditioner has become a really popular choice of shaving lubricant for women in recent years. This cream has a conditioner-like consistency with the added benefit of hydrating hair pre-shave, lubricating during shave and leaving your skin feeling moisturised and fresh post-shave.

Included with your starter kit.

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women's shaving cream
rose gold sustainable razor for women

Don't Be Plastic. Keep it real.

  • Zero  plastic
  • Cruelty free
  • Vegan friendly
  • Easily recycle blades at local recycling centres
  • Low carbon footprint yearly blade packs
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