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Rose Gold (includes Free Blade Bank)

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      Here's the details

      One blade. Less irritation.

      It only takes a single blade. No hair pulling. No razor burn. Just a great shave free from ingrown hairs and irritation.

      Just pop a blade in and let your razor do the work for you. No pressing down required - just the simple combination of a weighted razor and great angles. The perfect shave every time.

      How to use

      We'll include directions with your order but it's super easy to use. The razor is angled and weighted to be intuitively picked up.

      In short, keep it at a 30 degree angle, use short, straight strokes and let the weight do the work (i.e. no need for pressure).

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      Raving about shaving

      customer image

      Really close to the skin shave. Almost looks like I got a wax so it's really good cause I can go longer without shaving as doesn't grow back as fast!


      Emma - DUBLIN

      customer image

      Amazing, wish I had known about them earlier!


      Ryan - Belfast

      customer image

      Very easy to use. No discomfort following shaving. Highly recommended.


      kirsty - london

      customer image

      Was a bit iffy about spending so much on a razor but wow is it worth it!


      BECCI - glasgow

      The Unsung Heroes

      The added extras that will complete your routine.

      Blades (6 month)


      Blade Bank




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