Body Scrub Smoothie & Vegan Shave Cream

£18.95 GBP

For the smoothest shave.

Pair together for the best results. The body scrub exfoliates the skin pre-shave, creating a smooth surface for your razor to glide over. The shave cream lubricates, cleanses and moisturises the skin during shaving.

Body Scrub Smoothie

This creamy exfoliator is packed full of natural oils and extracts to cleanse and treat the skin and scrub away dead skin cells. 

This can also be used as a general body scrub. Nourishing and moisturising, our body scrub smoothie gives the best of both worlds, leaving the skin feeling and looking great.

Shave Cream

Combining highly lubricating oils, organic soap, nourishing oils and caring extracts this shaving balm softness hair, maximises razor glide, cleanses skin and minimises irritation and dryness. Enriched with Blackcurrant Seed Oil, Willow Bark Extract and Oat Silk to reduce irritation and promote cell renew.


No Single-Use Plastic

Cruelty Free