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The 'Four Four' Shave Kit

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£30.00 GBP
Our metallized razor is a much better alternative to old-fashioned plastic razors. Not only does it work four you, shaving close with less irritation and no ingrown hairs, but it works four the planet. The Blade Bank makes safely disposing of and recycling used blades easy. And don't worry about getting your blade dull: we include 25 with this pack. Enough to last most people for the entire year.
What's included?

1x Single-Blade, Plastic Free Razor (worth £25)
10x Safety Razor Blades (worth £10)
1x Blade Bank (worth £7)

How it works

No matter how you shave (or what you shave), your body's biggest complaint is probably post-shave itch. This kit will help you avoid the curse of shaving, and put an end to the vicious cycle of itching and scratching. After all, no one likes red, inflamed skin.

The high alcohol content in many shaving gels or creams dries skin out, causing it to itch or feel tight. Our shaving cream contains no alcohol. Instead, we use moisturizing and soothing ingredients like calendula oils, vitamin E, and glycerin, helping the razor glide across your skin without making your skin feel tight or dry.

Our single-blade razors are designed to shave your hair at skin level, helping to reduce ingrown hairs and post-shave itch.

The pull of a razor (especially a dull or used one) can twist or redirect the hair follicle when you shave. This can cause those follicles to become irritated. It’s this irritation that makes you feel itchy after you shave. This is particularly the case when you use a multi-blade razor which are designed specifically with to pull hair to achieve a closer shave.

One part of the shaving process we don't think gets enough credit is exfoliating. Use our scrub before and a few days after your shave to ensure a smooth, irritation-free process.

How to recycle

When you start to feel your blade drag, it's time to switch it out. This generally happens anywhere between 4 and 7 shaves.

Simply, twist your razors handle to open the head. Carefully remove the blade and slide it through the slot of your Blade Bank.

This should hold anywhere up to 100 blades. When it's full, pop it in the household recycling (always double check with your local council on the recycling policies in your area).


No Single-Use Plastic

Cruelty Free



'I can't believe the impact it's had on my skin.'


'Literally leaves me with no irritation at all.'


'My legs have stayed smoother much longer.'


How does it give me a closer shave?

To get a closer shave, you don't need to apply pressure to the razor. You just need to let it do its job.

That's why we designed our razor so that the blades cut directly at the skin level - they're not surrounded by loads of soap pads which push them away from your skin. 

When we designed our razor, we wanted to make sure that when a woman shaves her legs, arm, face, wherever, she's able to get as close as possible to her skin. And so we moved the blades as close to the skin as possible while ensuring they were protected by safety bars.

How does it help stop ingrown hairs?

A safety razor cuts your hair at skin level-not below it. This means less friction, less irritation and ingrown hairs, and a smoother shave. If you have sensitive skin, shaving with a safety razor might be better for you than shaving with disposable razors.

Most modern razors have multiple blades. The theory being more blades will give you a close shave. The problem is that these blades cut below the surface of your skin, leaving it vulnerable to ingrown hairs, irritation and razor burn. 

The single blade cuts the hair cleanly, at skin level and due to the weight of the head, no real pressure needs to be applied. This means that there is less chance of irritating your skin or causing ingrown hairs.

Can I use it everywhere?

Many people think that safety razors are only for shaving your legs, and that they can't be used to shave any other areas. But this is far from the case!

The truth is, a safety razor can be used on any part of your body including bikini line, face, underarm etc. If you're new to safety razor shaving, we'd always recommend starting with the easier areas, such as legs or underarms, before tackling the trickier bits.

How long will the razor last?

Keep it safe and it will last a lifetime!

It's made from high quality metals and powder coated to ensure it avoids rust.*

With blades from just £12/year, a Lane44 razor is a great way to cut the costs of shaving whilst protecting the planet.

*Please note that whilst your razor will never rust, razor blades will rust when exposed to water for prolonged periods of time. Always store your razor in a dry place.

How long will each blade last?

Shaving is a personal thing, and what works for one individual may not work for someone else.

There are many factors that determine how long each blade lasts. The main factors include the type of hair and skin, the thickness of hair and how often a person shaves.

As a general rule of thumb though, we recommend changing your blade after 4-7 shaves. If you're getting a good shave and feeling comfortable with each shave, then stick with it until the blade doesn't perform anymore. If you're getting any irritation or redness, or if the blade is tugging or pulling at the hair instead of cutting smoothly, then it may be time to switch up your blade.

Will it make my hair grow faster?

It doesn’t matter how often you shave or how many blades you use, your hair will grow at the exact same rate.

Hair growth, thickness and colour are controlled by genes, not by how often you shave. Your razor just cuts off the top of your hair, it has no impact on the follicle under the skin.

Shaving only gives the illusion that your hair is thicker and darker because you’re left with blunt ends rather than tapered ones.

But once your hairs have been shaved and are growing back in, they will follow their natural genetic course – exactly as if you had left them alone.

Does it actually make hair grow back slower?

Many Lane44 users notice they shave less often but this definitely isn't due to stunting hair growth. This is most likely to be because you get a closer shave that lasts longer, so will have to shave less often.

Is it easy to change a blade?

It couldn't be easier.

Place two fingers around the neck of the razor and twist from the base of the handle. The head will open like a butterfly.

Carefully unwrap your blade from the wax paper and gently slide over the ridge. Make sure it's fully pressed down. A little shake generally does the trick.

Then twist the head tight and you're ready to go.

Will the razor rust?

No. Your razor is made from brass and powder coated to give it it's colour whilst also protecting it from rust.

However, razor blades do rust. This is the same as you would experience with disposables. The trick is to keep your razor some place dry and if you can, dry off the blades after use. This will extend their life.

Leaving your razor upright in a stand will help the blades to dry naturally.