The Ultimate Guide to Safety Razors

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Everything You Need to Know About Safety Razors!

Safety razors are absolutely essential for anyone wanting to experience an incredibly close and smooth shave whilst reducing skin irritation. Unlike cartridge or electric razors, safety razors don't require a lot of pressure in order to be effective and give you the best shave possible.

Safety razors are also more affordable in the long run since you can replace just the single, double edge razor blade, which is much cheaper than replacing an entire cartridge or electric razor head. 

Safety razors give you greater control over your shave due to the weight of the handle allowing for better maneuverability while shaving. 

All these factors help make safety razors a great choice for those looking for a close, smooth and comfortable shave.

the safety razor was invented by gillette in the 1800s

Table of Contents

  • The History of Safety Razors
  • Why Safety Razors are Making a Comeback
  • The Different Types of Safety Razor
  • Are Safety Razors Eco-Friendly

Where it all started for safety razors.

What is a safety razor?

Developed in the late 19th century, safety razors revolutionized the shave by providing a much more safety-conscious and hygienic approach to cutting facial hair.

The safety razor is designed with a protective guard or safety bar in order to help reduce the chances of cutting or nicking yourself while shaving. Thanks to its innovative design, this safety device prevents you from accidentally cutting yourself while shaving by separating the blade when held at an incorrect angle. Meanwhile, it offers a comfortable and secure shave experience when held against your skin in the right way. 

Who invented the safety razor?

The safety razor was invented in the 1880s by King Camp Gillette, an American razor manufacturer. Gillette went on to patent his safety razor in 1901 and founded the company which bears his name today.

What was used before a safety razor?

Prior to safety razors, people typically shaved with straight razors which had a much higher risk of nicking and cutting the skin. These straight razors required more skill and time to use.

The Rise & Fall & Rise Again of Safety Razors

Why did safety razors lose popularity?

Safety razors lost popularity in the late 20th century when cartridge razors became widely available.

Marketing was a key factor in the popularity of cartridge razor systems over safety razors. Advertising campaigns for disposable cartridges heavily emphasized convenience and comfort, making them attractive to potential customers. In addition, their cheaper upfront cost compared to safety razors is often highlighted and can be appealing to those on a budget.

disposable razor marketing focused on making them convenient
disposable cartridge razors can cause skin irritation

Disposable cartridge razor systems are more expensive in the long run and require frequent replacements. This is because these razors have multiple blades which dull quickly, meaning they must be replaced often.

In addition, they cause skin irritation since their multiple blades need to be pressed harder against the skin to get a close shave, leading to more friction on the skin. They also do not provide as precise of a shave as safety razors due to their larger head design.

Finally, cartridge razor systems can create more waste than safety razors since each blade needs to be disposed after use.

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Why are safety razors making a comeback?

Safety razors provide a much closer and smoother shave than cartridge or electric razors, whilst reducing irritation on the skin. Safety razors are also more affordable in the long run since you can replace just the razor blade, which is usually much cheaper than replacing an entire cartridge or electric razor head. Furthermore, safety razors give you greater control over your shave due to their heavier handles allowing for better maneuverability while shaving.

Safety razors also create less waste since only one metal blade needs to be disposed after use compared to multiple blades encased in plastic with cartridge systems.

All these factors have helped make safety razors increasingly attractive in recent years as people look for better and more economical shaves.

disposable razors are losing popularity due to their price and pollution

Are there different types of safety razor?

butterfly safety razors make it easy to change blades

Butterfly Safety Razors

A butterfly safety razor is a type of safety razor that opens like a butterfly, with the two sides of the handle opening up to reveal the blade. This style allows for easy replacement and removal of blades while also keeping them securely in place since they are held by a spring-loaded mechanism. The butterfly safety razor was first introduced in 1934 and is still used today as it offers more convenience than traditional safety razors.

3 piece safety razor

Three-Piece Safety Razors

With a three-piece safety razor, you get a head, safety guard and handle - three separate parts that must all come together to provide you with an effortless shave. It can be quite tricky trying to unscrew the safety guard and head from the handle just to switch out the blade in between them. But it's worth it in the end - no matter which type of safety razor you choose, you'll be guaranteed a shave with precision. 

closed comb safety razors are recommended for beginners

Open Comb vs Closed Comb Safety Razors

An open comb safety razor has sharp, outward-facing teeth which help to lift hairs off the skin for a closer shave. Conversely, a closed comb safety razor has a smooth, rounded guard which helps guide the blade more gently over your skin for a milder shave. Additionally, an open comb safety razor will provide more blade exposure than a closed comb one. 

In summary, open combs are better for experienced shavers who desire close shaving results whereas closed combs are ideal for beginners looking for gentle and mild shaves with minimal risk of injury.

man using closed comb safety razor

Safety Razors: The Eco Credentials

Are safety razors eco-friendly?

Yes, safety razors are absolutely eco-friendly as they are designed to be reused for many years. This reduces the amount of waste going into landfills and contributes significantly to reducing plastic pollution. Additionally, safety razors don't require electricity or batteries to operate, making them more energy efficient than electric razors. As such, safety razors are an excellent choice if you're looking for an environmentally friendly shaving option.

safety razors are a more eco-friendly way to shave
safety razors last years when looked after properly

How long do safety razors last?

Safety razors can last for many years if they are properly maintained and cared for. The safety razor blades themselves generally last anywhere from four to seven shaves, although this varies depending on the type of safety razor and how often it is used. If a safety razor is kept clean, dry and stored correctly, it should be able to provide many years of comfortable use.

How often should I clean my safety razor?

It is recommended to clean your safety razor after every shave to ensure that it remains in optimal condition. Cleaning involves removing the blade and carefully rinsing off any remaining shaving cream, hairs and dirt particles from the safety razor.

You should also sanitize the safety razor with an alcohol-based solution or soap and water before storing it away until its next use. Doing this regularly will help keep your safety razor in good condition for many years of use.

What type of blade does a safety razor use?

A safety razor uses a double edge razor blade, usually made from stainless steel or high-carbon steel. These blades are designed to be sharp and offer an extremely close shave with minimal irritation compared to multi-blade cartridge razors.

Can double edge razor blades be recycled?

Yes, double edge razor blades can be recycled infinitely. It’s important to first check with your local recycling center for safety regulations and disposal methods as some centers have different requirements. We always recommend to use a blade recycling bin to safely dispose and recycle used blades.

What is a blade recycling bin?

A double edge razor blade recycling bin is a device designed to collect and store old safety razor blades for safe disposal. This helps to prevent injury from the blades, as well as protect the environment by keeping them out of landfills. These bins are typically made of metal and contain slots which hold the used blades until they can be collected properly. Many companies now offer specialized containers that conveniently allow you to recycle your safety razor blades safely and easily.

disposing of used double edge blade in blade recycling bin

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