How We Work

Shaving will always be a pain. But at Lane 44 it needn’t be painful. Ideas + Action = Change We're a small company that cares about the impact of our products. We're not trying to change the world, but we do want to make it better.    Where possible, we don’t use plastic. Any plastic that we do use is reusable infinitely to keep it from ever making it’s way to landfill.   We only use fully recyclable packaging, and even though we think our products look great naked they have to be packaged to ensure they arrive with you safely.   We source our packaging locally, reducing transportation costs and carbon footprint.   We also support other companies that share our values such as using FSC certified paper. We're Built to Last We are committed to making long-lasting products that are good for the environment and the people who use them.   The core of our business is to design and manufacture high-quality shaving products that are made from natural materials. The durability of our products is key to their longevity.    When it comes to making long-lasting products, we don't want you to have to think about the waste we're creating with your purchase. Our products are built to last and will be around for years or even decades after your purchase.   We're dedicated to helping our customers reduce their waste and make more eco conscious decisions. We believe that sustainable design should be an integral part of everyday life, and we design our products with this philosophy in mind. Our partners

Our Partners

Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond just the materials we use – it's also about our operations and practices. Putting Environments First We manufacture our products in ways that are safe for our workers, our environment, and our consumers. And everything we do is driven by one goal: doing good while doing well.   When you buy a product from us, you're not just buying a product. You're supporting workers that have their health, safety, and happiness in mind. You're supporting a company that cares about its impact on the planet. This is what makes us different from other companies in the same industry.    We work with our suppliers to make sure they pay fair wages, offer safe working conditions and do not use child labour. We also make sure they respect the environment and their workers by only working with Amfori BCSI accredited factories How we work

Carbon Footprint

When you buy something from Lane 44, your order produces a certain amount of greenhouse gas emissions. The emissions come from lots of places—our manufacturing process, our delivery trucks, even the printing of your shipping label.    Those might sound like small numbers, but they add up fast. So that’s where our offset program comes in. With every order you place with us, we make a contribution towards reducing global emissions in proportion to your order. And while it won’t offset all of our existing footprint, it will help cover part of what we owe.   We’ve partnered with our friends at Offset, to enable a carbon neutral shipping solution for our customers.   Carbon offsetting isn’t a catch-all solution to climate change. It won’t stop global warming in its tracks or anything like that - but it’s a necessary tool.  How we work