Looking for a closer shave, less irritation and fewer rashes?

Single blades aren't just recyclable, they're sharper and gentler on your skin. Whether you keep it smooth, hairy, fuzzy, sleek... a Lane 44 razor is a rash decision you won't regret.

A Rash Decision You Won't Regret

"Yes, yes & yes! I'm here for this razor. I can even tan immediately after without irritation or red bumps!"


"Looks so good in my bathroom and does such a good job as well! The colour is lush as well."


"Razor is amazing, the closest shave I have ever gotten, I was smooth as a dolphin! I will never ever go back to disposable razors."


"I absolutely love my Lane 44 razor. I have been wanting to switch to a plastic free for a long time and decided to purchase this one. Amazing quality and even better price."