Don't be plastic. Keep it real.

Not everyone is into shaving or needs to be. In a world full of plastic, our mission is to help everyone find their natural happiness.

Plastic-free, easy to use razors

💰 Save Money

Our razor is made to be used for years, not months. With blades from just 20p per shave, you'll save big.

🐬 Smoother Shaves

They're not surrounded by loads of soap pads which push the blade away from your skin. So, they cut closer to the skins surface for a smoother finish.

💃 No Ingrowns

A safety razor cuts your hair at skin level; not below it. This means your hair won't get trapped when it tries to grow back.

We're Different. Our Razors Are 100% Plastic-Free.

Most razor brands use cheap plastic components; whether that's the entire body of the razor or just the replaceable heads. Our razor is 100% metal making it longer lasting, infinitely recyclable & more durable. We like to think of ourselves as an antidote to the Big Plastic shaving companies. Look good, feel good and do good!

Be fearless in leading the plastic-free future!

We want to help you to be plastic-free, whether that’s with us or on your own! To take a stand against the industry giants, who are stripping our planet of its natural resources for the sake of profit. To create a plastic free society. Stay clean, be you.

We're rated great on Trustpilot


'This razor gives such a close shave and literally leaves me with no irritation at all! It was a bit daunting using it the first few times but once I got the hang of it, I wouldn’t look back.'


'I’ve been using this razor for abit over a year now, and I can’t imagine how much waste of disposable ones I have saved by using this razor. It gives such a close shave and doesn’t give me razor bumps!'


'I bought this razor to try and be more eco friendly and little did I know I would find the best razor out there! It gives such a close shave and the shave cream I bought with it has the most gorgeous scent.'