Vegan Friendly. Plastic Free. 🌵

How it works

Pick Your Colour

You'll get a fully metallic razor designed to last a lifetime. Choose from 3 colours.

Add Your Blades

Razor blades are so overpriced! Not anymore. Save a fortune on razor blades and shave from as little as £12/year.

Enjoy the Savings Forever

Save on plastic. Save on cash. Shave smooth and irritation free with Lane 44 and save up to 75% per year on blades.

A Rash Decision You Won't Regret

"Yes, yes & yes! I'm here for this razor. I can even tan immediately after without irritation or red bumps!"

Do multi-blade razors really shave closer?

More blades, more problems... Rash, ingrown hairs, clogged blades to name a few. Get the job done with a single stroke... even with really coarse hair.

Shaving will always be a pain. With Lane 44 it needn't be painful.

Single blades aren't just recyclable, they are sharper and gentler on your skin. So, that means less irritation. Fewer cuts and rashes.

Shaving is just a metaphor for choice.

Whether you do or don't is up to you. Skip the razor for a day. Or two, or even three or four. Don't be plastic! Keep it real.


"Looks so good in my bathroom and does such a good job as well! The colour is lush as well."


"Razor is amazing, the closest shave I have ever gotten, I was smooth as a dolphin! I will never ever go back to disposable razors."


"I absolutely love my Lane 44 razor. I have been wanting to switch to a plastic free for a long time and decided to purchase this one. Amazing quality and even better price."