Get the smooth, irritation-free shave you deserve

We've all been there, you buy new razors and don't get a close shave, your skin gets dry, irritated and ingrown hairs appear. That's why we built Lane44 - an all-in-one shave care kit that's helped 10,000+ people get a smooth, beautiful shave every time.

Save Your Skin. Save the Planet.


Tried & tested by over 10,000 customers

Dermatologist Approved

Dermatologists recommend using razors with less blades to combat ingrown hairs

Planet friendly

A 100% plastic free razor built to last years, not months

Does it really work?

For a perfect shave, the whole kit matters!

Razors were either too dull or too expensive so we started researching and testing combinations of handles, blades, different lubricants & moisturiers, etc. 

We ended up focussing on three things:

✨ Improving the shave with our unique blades and lubricant.

✨ Refining the shaving experience with our high quality design.

✨ Making sure you get everything quickly at an awesome price.

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Why does it work?

The overall experience of using your Lane44 shaving kit isn't just blade quality - it is blade quality plus handle plus lubricant. It's all part of getting a perfect shave.

Most razor companies use low-quality steel in their blades & have a plastic handle but we knew from experience that this doesn’t deliver the smooth, comfortable shaves that we were looking for.

So we decided to focus on everything: superior steel blades, weighted metal handles to improve razor glide and organic lubrication to protect, nourish and moisturise the skin.

How will this help to stop irritation & ingrown hairs?

Most modern razors have multiple blades. The theory being more blades will give you a close shave. The problem is that these blades cut below the surface of your skin, leaving it vulnerable to ingrown hairs, irritation and razor burn. 

The single blade cuts the hair cleanly, at skin level and due to the weighted handle, no real pressure needs to be applied. This means that there is less pressure placed on the skin and less chance of irritating your skin or causing ingrown hairs.

The razor works in combination with our organic shaving cream. Unlike other shaving creams, our vegan formula adds in Vitamin E & natural extracts to help hydrate and soothe the skin as you shave.

I've sensitive skin, is this razor for me?

Absolutely, dermatologists recommend people with sensitive skin to use a razor with less blades and this razor only has one.

The Products

What makes this different from other razors I've tried?

If you have ever used a shaving kit, you know that they are not all the same. Most kits contain cheap razors and foams that do more harm than good.

We've spent years sourcing the best combination of handle, blades and lotion.

The blades are sharp and easy to use, the handle is comfortable to hold, and the lotion is made from natural ingredients that condition & moisturise your skin while shaving leaving you feeling free & clean afterwards.

Can I use it on the bikini line?

Many people think that safety razors are only for shaving your legs, and that they can't be used to shave any other areas. But this is far from the case!

The truth is, a safety razor can be used on any part of your body including bikini line, face, underarm etc. If you're new to safety razor shaving, we'd always recommend starting with the easier areas, such as legs or underarms, before tackling the trickier bits.

Is it easy to recycle?

Recycling is easy.

We use only premium stainless steel blades that are fully recyclable at the end of their life cycle.

The razor is made from durable brass which means it will last years, not months. Forever if looked after!

So when it comes time to dispose of your blade, you can pop it into one of our blade recycling bins and recycle with your home recycling.

The blades are made from stainless steel and fully recyclable, which means they can be melted down and reused again.

How long will the razor last?

Keep it safe and it will last a lifetime!

It's made from high quality metals and powder coated to ensure it avoids rust.

*Please note that whilst your razor will never rust, razor blades will rust when exposed to water for prolonged periods of time. Always store your razor in a dry place.