Double Edge Razor Blade FAQs

Are double edge razor blades recyclable?

Not only are double edge razor blades great for your skin, but they're environmentally friendly too.

Double edge blades are made entirely from metal so they can actually be recycled infinitely. To make the process even easier, our safety razor kits come with their very own razor blade recycling bin – talk about convenient!

Keep it clean and recycle those double edge blades!

How often should I change my DE razor blade?

No one likes cuts and nicks from a dull blade!

You should aim to switch it out every 4-7 shaves. It depends on the type of hair you're shaving and how much you need to take off, but those are generally good numbers to go by.

Don't forget to rotate that safety razor regularly so both edges can get their turn at being sharp and smooth - because let's face it, double the edges double the fun!

For an extra bit of blade love, store your double edge razor in a dry place and make sure it's good and dry when you're done with it. All this double-edged fun could last forever with just a few simple steps!

How are double edge razor blades recycled?

Who needs disposable razors when double edge razor blades are fully made from metal and can be recycled?

When it's time to switch blades, don't just toss it in the trash. Pop the used blade into a blade recycling bin and once it's full, simply put that box in your household recycling. Everything about double edge razor blades is metal, so you don't have to worry about sorting out any plastics or other materials.

Always double check with your local recycling centre though for specific instructions as councils vary from one another!

Do single razor blades shave closer than multi-blade cartridges?

Forget everything you knew about double edge razor blades! They're not just your old-fashioned grandpa's shave companion anymore. Double edge razors are back in town delivering a closer-than-ever shave with none of that dreaded pulling or excessive clogging.

With multi blade cartridges, the blades are really close together with extremely small spacing between each cutting edge, which makes it a struggle to cut the hair cleanly and causes endless irritation from repetitive passes over your skin and constant clogged up blades.

When it comes to achieving the closest possible shave, double edge razor blades are the way to go! DE blades have a single cutting edge that glides along your skin to cut hair cleanly and comfortably. Not only does this make for a smoother shave, but it's also much kinder to your skin since no clogging or excessive pulling will occur.

For the cleanest cut without any tugging or irritation - double edge razor blades are your best bet!

What is a razor blade recycling bin?

Time to cut the clutter and get environmentally friendly with double edge razor blade recycling! Imagine never having to worry about those pesky used blades again - a double edge razor blade recycling bin is the answer! It's like having a money box but for used safety razor blades - an ingenious way to safely store and dispose of those little sharp tools. Once it's filled up, you can simply pop it into your household recycling bin for safe disposal. Let's make this eco-friendly option a part of our daily routines!