Carbon Footprint

When you buy something from Lane 44, your order produces a certain amount of greenhouse gas emissions. The emissions come from lots of places—our manufacturing process, our delivery trucks, even the printing of your shipping label. 
Those might sound like small numbers, but they add up fast. So that’s where our offset program comes in. With every order you place with us, we make a contribution towards reducing global emissions in proportion to your order. And while it won’t offset all of our existing footprint, it will help cover part of what we owe.
We’ve partnered with our friends at Offset, to enable a carbon neutral shipping solution for our customers.
Carbon offsetting isn’t a catch-all solution to climate change. It won’t stop global warming in its tracks or anything like that - but it’s a necessary tool. 

The One Shipment Plan

Carbon emissions are a big issue for the world. We want to support the environment, but we know that the best way to do this is through actions, not by just offsetting our carbon emissions. 
Our decision to stop selling blades on a subscription basis reflects our commitment to the environment. We've always wanted to sell our razors on a subscription basis because it encourages regular purchases and reduces waste from unused blades. But we've stopped offering subscriptions because we're also committed to reducing our carbon footprint.
As a result of the switch, you can now buy your blades for the entire year in one shipment, and that means less carbon. The 1 shipment option will soon be available for all of our products.
Cutting down on the number of shipments we make every year can also cut down on our carbon footprint.