We’re a community of thinkers and doers. We’re real. We have families, we have friends and we have values. We have a story. It's our story.

It’s time to burst that perfect life bubble put up by the fakery of filters. Because perfect doesn’t belong to them, it belongs to you. Not a better you, or a perfect you. Just the real you — because that’s what the world needs right now.

Plastic waste going to landfill and into oceans is clogging up the planet and disposable plastic razors are contributing to the mess. Last year, over 2 billion of the things got binned.

Shaving is often seen as something that women should do to conform to society’s standards of beauty. But we see shaving as an entirely personal choice – whatever makes you happy!

We prefer imperfections to fake perfection and if we’re going to make a change, we need to embrace our real selves first. For us, shaving is the perfect metaphor for choice. Whether you do or don’t is up to you. Whereas saving the planet is up to us all.