Shaving’s a choice that many of us make but when it comes to what we use to shave, we found we really didn’t have that much choice. Blue plastic, pink plastic, three or five blades – it was all essentially the same product packaged differently.

Plastic production continues to increase in spite of the increasing evidence of the harm it causes to our planet.

We want to play our small part in reducing plastic production by giving people an option in a space completely dominated by plastic and a lack of choice – the shaving aisle.

Every year, billions upon billions of plastic razors get dumped in a landfill.


Well, plastic razors are pretty tricky to recycle. Separating sharp blades from their plastic casing is not without its challenges!

That’s why we created Lane 44 and a razor completely free of plastic.

The handle is made from high quality brass and is designed to last a lifetime (cutting out unnecessary production).

Our blades are made from stainless steel and are super easy to recycle. Bonus – they’ll save you an absolute fortune in comparison to plastic multi-blade cartridges.

But do they work?

How does a closer shave with less irritation sound? Read more here.