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Why Choose Lane44 for Your Holiday Gifts?

Proven Efficacy: Gift a shaving experience that guarantees no more razor bumps or skin irritations. Lane44's premium razors ensure a soothing, close shave every time.

Loved by Thousands: Join the Lane44 family, where over 12,000 satisfied customers have discovered the joy of a perfect shave.

Ideal for All Skin Types: Specially designed for sensitive skin, our razors provide a gentle yet effective shave, making them the perfect gift for everyone on your list.

Why it works

Single Blade Superiority: A single, sharp blade means less friction and tugging than multi-blade razors, reducing razor burns and ingrown hairs.

Natural Exfoliation Edge: Our scrub prepares the skin better than regular soap, unclogging pores for a cleaner, closer shave.

Hydration Over Drying: Lane44's cream, infused with avocado oil and Vitamin E, deeply hydrates the skin during the shave, unlike drying commercial foams and gels.

5 Reasons Why Single Blade Razors Are Better!

No Bumps

Single blade razors cut hair precisely at the skin's surface, significantly reducing the risk of razor bumps. Unlike multi-blades, they don’t pull hair below the skin level, which often leads to irritation and ingrown hairs.

Closer Shave

With a single blade, each pass is more effective, providing a closer shave. This precision ensures that hair is cut cleanly without multiple strokes that can irritate the skin.

Less Irritation

The simplicity of a single blade minimizes skin contact, reducing the chance of irritation. Multi-blade razors often scrape and damage the skin with each pass, leading to redness and discomfort.

Cost Effective

While multi-blade cartridges can be expensive to replace, single blades are much more affordable. This makes them a cost-effective option in the long run, without compromising on quality.


Single blade razors are often made from durable materials like metal and require only the blade to be replaced. This reduces plastic waste compared to disposable razors, making them a more sustainable choice.

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So close and smooth!

Probably one of the best eco switches I've made so far!!


My skin is happy!

It’s magnificent and even with my sensitive skin, I’ve never reacted.


Really easy to use!

Fantastic razor, would NOT go back to disposable one now.


What's included in the Ingrown Hair Prevention kit?
  • A premium metal razor
  • A year's supply of ultra-sharp blades (25)
  • A blade recycling bin
  • Skin-protecting shave cream
  • Ditch the itch pre-shave scrub
  • FREE shipping
Is this fancy metal razor difficult to handle? 

Difficult? Please! Just twist the handle, pop in the blade, and let it glide. No need to press down like those old plastic razors. This baby dances across your skin.

What's this blade recycling bin? Can't I just toss 'em?

Tossing blades like last season's fashion? Not on our watch! Recycle them with grace and style with our blade recycling bin. Mother Earth will send her thanks.

How does this razor make my shave last longer?

Our razor offers a closer shave, so you get to enjoy that fresh, smooth feeling for longer. Say goodbye to daily shaving and hello to long-lasting smoothness!