Ah, the dreaded shaving rash and its not-so-distant cousin, the ingrown hair. Like an unwelcome guest, they pop up at the most inconvenient times, making your shaving routine a literal pain in the neck (or wherever else you may be shaving).

Here's where natural shaving cream enters, stage left. Its mission? To help you kick those shaving blues to the curb, pronto.

5 Reasons to Use Natural Shaving Cream

Reason 1: Gentleness on Your Skin

Let's start with this: your skin is not a battleground, and your shaving routine shouldn't be a war.

Natural shaving creams are crafted from ingredients that play nicely with your skin, reducing the likelihood of skirmishes that lead to irritations and shaving rash.

While standard creams can be laden with harsh chemicals that wage war on your skin, natural skin-protecting shaving creams adopt a peace-keeping role. They gently cleanse and soften your hairs, prepping them for a smooth shave.

The result? A post-shave feel that’s as calm as a zen garden rather than a battle-scarred battlefield.

Reason 2: Skin-Nourishing Ingredients

Packed to the brim with nature's skincare all-stars, natural shaving creams bring an extra layer of TLC to your routine.

Ingredients like calendula oil soothe and moisturize, while vitamin-E has anti-inflammatory properties to keep redness at bay. Avocado oil? It's a hydration hero, sealing in moisture and keeping dryness on the outside looking in.

And these are just the poster children of natural ingredients; countless others team up to provide a nourishing, skin-loving experience each time you shave. It’s like having your own personal skincare squad in every dollop of cream.

Reason 3: A Friend to Sensitive Skin

Ever tried a new shaving cream only to end up looking like a ripe tomato?

If you've got sensitive skin, you know the struggle. Regular shaving creams can house synthetic fragrances and dyes that have your skin crying out 'Mayday!' in no time.

Natural shaving creams, on the other hand, are like that reliable friend who always has your back - or in this case, your face. By saying 'No, thank you' to potential irritants, they offer a shaving experience that respects your skin's boundaries, leaving it feeling acknowledged and understood.

Reason 4: No Nasty Side Effects

Sure, that commercial shaving cream might promise you the smoothest shave ever, but at what cost?

With ingredients that read like a lab report, many conventional shaving creams leave a lot more behind than a close shave. We're talking dryness, itching, and sometimes even chemical burns—sounds fun, right?

But fear not, because natural shaving creams are here to break that pattern. They perform their duty without the hidden surprises, helping you avoid those 'what on earth is happening to my skin' moments.

Reason 5: Better for the Planet

Let's face it, as consumers, our choices impact the environment.

Natural shaving creams are not just your skin’s ally, but also a friend to Mother Nature. They are often packed in eco-friendly containers, meaning less plastic waste. Plus, they lack harmful chemicals that could end up in our water supply.

So, using natural shaving creams means you're being kind to your skin and taking a step towards sustainable living—it's a win-win!

Your Ultimate Shaving Partner

Meet Lane44’s Shaving Cream

So you're all caught up on why natural shaving creams are a game changer, but the question remains: which one to choose? Allow us to introduce our own Lane44 shaving cream. Our formula ticks all the boxes mentioned above, and then some.