5 Reasons Why Women Should Never Shave Their Face.

Just when you thought the beauty “rules” for women could not get more confusing, #shaveface is now a thing. But should it be? Could shaving your face really improve your complexion and leave you looking fabulous, or are there hidden consequences that women need to consider before reaching for the razor?

We’re absolutely here to put an end to the confusion once and for all—so ladies, listen up! Let's explore five reasons why shaving your facial hair might not be such a good idea after all... and 4 reasons why you might just give it a go.

Some pretty hairy questions...

1. The Bad Hair Gang

Most of us have some kind of hair living on our faces and bodies, but did you know there are two different types? Vellus hair is the light and undetectable peach fuzz that acts like a temperature regulator and sweat evaporator—let's just call it the Good Hair Gang. Then there's the terminal hair that tends towards being thicker and darker—we can nickname it the Bad Hair Gang.

And when you decide to take action against them by shaving off this rebellious bunch, you might want to think twice if they're members of the Terminal Hair Club! Your hard work might just result in a shadowy reminder not to forget about your next shave… That’s right, it's important to remember that keeping up with regular shaves will likely be essential!

2. Those pesky ingrown hairs!

So you thought flawless facial skin was as easy as lathering on some cream and taking off hairs huh? Wrong! If you're a woman considering entering the facial shaving game then you should know that the struggle doesn't end with just lathering on some shaving cream and taking off hairs - apparently, there's also the issue of pesky ingrown hairs.

Shaving Vellus hairs won't cause ingrowns, but Terminal hairs have been known to produce these pesky bumps, especially if you’re using a typical disposable razor, so proceed with caution.

Welcome to the world of ingrown hair wars, where multiple blades are your enemy and attention must be paid or else an army of pesky bumps will attack. In more technical terms, razors with multiple blades have made “ingrown hairs” an all too common reality for shavers. None of which really excites us about reaching for our Bic to shave our faces.

If you're still looking to keep your face smooth and hairless, using a single blade safety razor rather than a multi blade disposable razor is far less likely to leave you with itchy, painful ingrown hairs. In other words, ditch the plastic razors and just embrace the eco-friendly safety razor – after all, they don't call them "safety" for nothing!

Here's more on using a safety razor for women.

use a safety razor to shave women's facial hair
a single blade razor is better for removing women's facial hair

3. Facial fuzz vs. dry skin?

If you want to keep your skin looking its best, the key is striking a balance between keeping it smooth and avoiding dryness. Sure, shaving off your facial fuzz might feel like a good way to remove unwanted hairs and achieve that much-coveted glowing complexion. But go too hard with the razor and you could end up looking more 'recycled' than radiant!

That’s right. Shaving can cause dry skin. Shaving won't cause dry skin by itself but if you press too hard it can lead to dry skin and irritation. Who knew that a heavy hand while shaving could lead to dry, unhappy skin?!

But never fear – if you give your face the attention it deserves by moisturizing after every shave session then your newly exposed sensitive layer will be able to bask in hydrated bliss.

Whilst we’re on the subject of dry skin, those cheap, chemical filled shaving creams we all use? They can strip away priceless moisture oils from our faces. Using creams or lotions when shaving can help reduce irritation but they’re also removing your skin's natural oils leaving dryness in its wake - not exactly what we had in mind for our new look.

If you want to avoid dry, parched skin after shaving then go easy on the razor, use a natural shaving cream with hydrating ingredients and make sure you give your face some TLC afterwards! Slap a bit of moisturiser on there - it doesn't take much effort but can save loads in itchiness.

4. It's not all fun & great skin for men!

Forget about skincare regimes, beauty serums and all the other expensive things you can do to keep youthful looking skin: it turns out that men have all the luck when it comes to maintaining their complexion thanks to naturally thicker, more hydrated and plumper-looking skin!

The universe has blessed men with a glorious gift (great skin!) – but alas, the pain of shaving comes to ruin their party! Despite having naturally hydrated skin, facial shaving leaves their mugs more prone than ever before to irritation putting those natural perks at risk.

Ladies: take note. Save yourselves from potential dryness & sensitivity by skipping out on regular trips down shave-town!

5. Breakouts & clogged pores.

Don't let the promise of baby-soft facial skin fool you — if your complexion is prone to breakouts and clogged pores, dermaplaning or facial shaving may not be so great after all! Face fuzz might seem like nothing more than a nuisance, but it's actually playing an important role in keeping natural oils on our faces where they belong.

 Your little facial hairs are like tiny superheroes of skincare – they're here to carry oils from inside onto the surface of our skin.If those tiny hairs are removed through shaving (say bye-bye!), then that could mean oil gets stuck inside and hello to some unwelcome pimples popping up soon afterwards.

Why shaver-time might be worth trying after all.

So let this warning ring loud: skincare trends can be tricky. With beauty trends constantly developing, it can be hard to determine what’s worth a try and what’s better left untested. Facial shaving is definitely one of those commitments that has some pros, depending on who you ask.

Sure, facial shaving might sound a little bit scary at first, but if you do it right, it could be the game-changer for your skin.

You know what they say - it's your face, so you get to call the shots! So here’s the reasons why it might be right for you.

1. Flake-free foundation

Shaving off your vellus hairs (a.k.a. "peach fuzz") actually isn't as crazy as it sounds. If you've ever had the thought of taking a razor to your face for aesthetic purposes, you're certainly not alone. Many makeup pros love how a hair free face prevents foundation from pilling or flaking on the complexion.

2. Think of it like a mini at-home peel!

Not only can it give you an instant smoother appearance – bye-bye 'peach fuzz'! – but it can also help to promote collagen production, encouraging your skin to produce more of the stuff that keeps us looking plump and youthful.

So, next time you're about your razor-tastic duties, think not just about the perfect makeup application, but deep down into the wonderful collagen reloading effects too!

Don't just get rid of pesky hairs - let shaving double up as a source of smooth, renewed skin!

3. Your facial serums will thank you!

Step aside, exfoliants - there's a new game in town! Shaving can be the ultimate secret weapon to get that soft, smooth skin you've always wanted. Not only can it remove those pesky hairs from your face (and other places), but its action serves as an "exfoliation” on the surface layer of your skin.

By removing those pesky dead skin cells that can clog up your skincare pathways, shaving brings you one step closer to seeing maximum results from all the pricey products you've added to your regimen. It's like giving yall those pricey serums and moisturisers a VIP pass to penetrate deeper into the epidermis and make more impact.

So if you're looking for the softest skin ever and desperately wanting your facial serums to do their job, give yourself a good old-fashioned shave... Who knew grooming could be so multitasking?

4. For thrifty babes looking for results

Well, if you're looking for an intense solution (and have deep pockets!) laser hair removal and dermaplaning may be good options - but they'll set ya' back. Get ready to pay more than £600 total for laser and dermaplaning, while cheaper, still comes at quite the price tag - at around £30 - £50 per treatment and needing regular upkeep.

For thrifty babes looking for results without breaking the bank: Why not keep things simple with just shaving cream and a razor? It's cheap as chips!

With just £25, you can feel like a million bucks! Keep your mug looking smooth and glowy with a super safety razor that comes complete with 25 DE blades.

No more worrying about those pesky ingrown hairs from multiple blades. Stay fabulously fuzz-free while keeping on budget!

The final verdict.

From smoothness and softness of skin as pros for shaving to keeping beautiful hair follicles intact against potential razor burns as cons – there’s all kindsa things that go into this decision.

Whether you’re ready to tackle your peach fuzz or still deciding, there are benefits and drawbacks.

Sure, the warnings are loud but if you do your research and prepare properly, then the benefits may actually manage to surprise you. From exfoliation and brighter skin to more contoured facial features - these are only some of the advantages that people generally enjoy after giving facial shaving a shot. Don't be scared to give it a go - after all, you know what they say: no risk, no reward!

So take a shave if it's right for you. Show off your beautiful face with or without hair and let the compliments come flooding in either way.

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