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Unleash the power of precision shaving with our top-notch safety razor. Crafted with care, our razor provides an unmatched shaving experience, leaving your skin smooth and irritation-free. And that's not all – it comes bundled with our luxurious shaving cream, delivering a complete grooming package for the ultimate indulgence.
What's included?

1x Plastic Free Razor
1x Safety Razor Blades
1x 30ml Shave Cream

How to recycle

When you start to feel your blade drag, it's time to switch it out. This generally happens anywhere between 4 and 7 shaves.

Simply, twist your razors handle to open the head. Carefully remove the blade and slide it through the slot of one of our Blade Banks or make your own with an empty tin.

This should hold anywhere up to 100 blades. When it's full, pop it in the household recycling (always double check with your local council on the recycling policies in your area).


This razor is made with a solid brass core and a colour plated outer.


No Single-Use Plastic

Cruelty Free