Black Safety Razor | Eco Friendly Razor for Men & Women

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Keep your skin happy and healthy with this plastic-free razor. It's fully made of metal, including a textured handle, which means it gives you a comfortable grip for excellent control. This two-sided razor features single-blade shaving for close shaves with less irritation and no ingrown hairs.

      What's inside the box

      The Rose Gold Safety Razor is the closest shave you'll get from a razor without any of the downsides of shaving. We know that getting a close shave isn't easy—especially if you have sensitive skin or suffer from ingrown hairs. That's why our razor is designed to be gentle on your skin and help prevent ingrown hairs from forming in the first place!

      You'll get an eco-friendly metal safety razor that can be used by men or women, so you can be sure to do your part to keep our planet clean!

      Care Guide

      Cleaning Your Safety Razor

      To keep your razor in tip-top shape, you should rinse it after every shave to clear away hair and shaving cream residue. You should also wash the razor regularly with warm water and soap using a soft brush, and store it upright in a stand if you have one to help dry it quicker.

      Changing the Double Edge Razor Blade

      You want to keep your safety razor blade sharp so it can cut through hair easily.

      You should change your blades after 4-7 shaves. This is because the blades will begin to wear down over time and become less effective at cutting through tough hairs without tugging or pulling at them. Changing your blades every 4-7 shaves will ensure that they are always sharp enough to give a close shave without irritating your skin!

      It also depends on the type of hair that you have—thick or thin, curly or straight—and how dense it is—how many strands are packed together. When you start to feel it drag, it's time to replace your blade.

      How to recycle

      Recycling is easy.

      We use only premium stainless steel, double edge razor blades that are fully recyclable at the end of their life cycle.

      The reusable razor is made from durable brass which means it will last years, not months. Forever if looked after!

      So when it comes time to disposeing of your DE razor blades, you can pop them into one of our Blade Recycling Bins and recycle with your home recycling.

      The blades are made from stainless steel and fully recyclable, which means they can be melted down and reused again.


      No Single-Use Plastic

      Cruelty Free


      Safety Razor FAQs

      What is a safety razor and why should I use one?

      If you're looking to get a closer shave, save money, and be eco-friendly all at the same time, then you should definitely consider a safety razor.

      Safety razors have been around for centuries and have been used by everyone. Even today, they are used by men and women all over the world because they are easy to use and get a closer shave than other shaving methods.

      A safety razor uses a double-edged razor blade, which means you only use one single blade. This means a lot less waste—and it also means that you'll get a much closer shave than with an ordinary disposable plastic razor.

      Safety razors are great because they can be used over and over again, so they're good for your wallet in the long run. They also don't irritate your skin as much as disposable razors do—so no ingrown hairs!

      And unlike disposable razors, safety razors don't come with a built-in waste problem

      If you're looking for a way to save money and help the environment, then using safety razors is a great option.

      Can women use a safety razor?

      YES! Anyone can use a safety razor.

      A lot of people think that only men use safety razors, but the truth is that anyone can use them.

      Safety razors are a great option for women shaving legs, underarms and the bikini line because they give you a closer shave, which is especially important if you have sensitive skin. As safety razors shave closer and more efficiently than other razors. This means fewer passes over your skin—and less irritation!

      Safety razors also help prevent ingrown hairs, which can be a problem with some traditional razors.

      Women's skin is just as sensitive as men's skin, so it makes sense that a razor designed to be especially easy on delicate skin while still getting the job done right be for everyone!

      And we have over 10,000 women who love their Lane44 safety razors!

      I've sensitive skin, can I still use a safety razor?

      If you have sensitive skin, then you're probably already familiar with the frustration of trying to find a razor that doesn't irritate it.

      Imagine how much more relaxing your morning routine would be if you could shave without worrying about whether or not the razor was going to cause any irritation.

      It's possible! Safety razors are the perfect choice for people with sensitive skin because they feature only one blade instead of multiple blades and cartridges like other razors. This means fewer passes over your skin and less friction, which can lead to irritation or ingrown hairs. While multi-blade razors might seem like a good idea at first, they often cut beneath the surface of your skin, which can also lead to irritation and ingrown hairs.

      Safety razors are also much more affordable than multi-blade razors, so you'll be able to keep your blades sharper for longer without breaking the bank on new ones every time they dull out!

      Safety razors require no pressure, so there is no need for heavy-handedness when shaving; this also reduces irritation and redness on sensitive areas like knees or ankles where typically more pressure is needed due to the curvature of your leg or ankle bone structure.

      It's easy to see why these guys are great for people with sensitive skin!

      Can I use a safety razor on my bikini line?

      Many women think that safety razors are only for shaving your legs, and that they can't be used to shave any other areas. But this is far from the case!

      You can use a safety razor anywhere!

      The skin around the bikini line is very delicate and susceptible to razor burn and ingrown hairs. A safety razor is great for sensitive skin, so if you're prone to irritation or ingrown hairs, you'll want to use a razor that is great for delicate skin, such as a safety razor.

      How do I insert the double edge razor blade?

      It couldn't be easier.

      Place two fingers around the neck of the safety razor and twist from the base of the handle. The head will open like a butterfly.

      Carefully unwrap your double edge razor blade from the wax paper and gently slide over the metal ridge of your razor. Make sure it's fully pressed down. A little shake generally does the trick.

      Then twist the safety razor's head tight and you're ready to go.

      How do I use a safety razor to shave under arms?

      It's possible for anyone, regardless of age or gender, to shave their underarms with a safety razor. The key is understanding how to prepare the skin, and then shaving in the direction that hair grows.

      Shaving under your arms can be a challenge. It's hard to get at the hair, and it can be tough to avoid irritation and ingrown hairs. Luckily, there are ways to do it right!

      To prep your skin, have a hot shower or bath. You'll want to soften the hair so it's ready for shaving.

      You start by making sure your skin is as taught as possible by stretching it upwards and bending your elbow to stretch it out. Then, pull the skin taught with your other hand to create a smooth, flat surface to shave.

      Be gentle and take your time, because you want to avoid irritation and ingrown hairs!

      How do I use a safety razor to shave my legs?

      Shaving your legs with a safety razor is a great way to get silky smooth skin.

      You'll want to shave in the direction that your hair grows. This will help prevent irritation, cuts and ingrown hairs because the blade isn't dragging against the grain.

      When shaving with a safety razor, don't press down on your skin or drag too hard—that's how you get razor burn, nicks and cuts! With a safety razor, all you need is the weight of the handle to apply pressure on your skin as you glide it across.

      Short straight strokes work well for tricky areas like ankles and knees, where there's more curvature than on other parts of the leg. Remember: work from out toward in!

      If you suffer from shaving rash on legs, check out our guide to avoiding it here.

      How long will my double edge safety razor last?

      Metal safety razor are designed to be long-lasting.

      If you keep it clean, dry, and safe, your razor will last a lifetime.

      Clean it regularly. You can use soap and water, or a vinegar mixture for deeper cleaning.

      Store it in a safe dry place. Don't leave your razor lying around on the countertop!

      The safety razor is made of metal, will it rust?

      No. Your DE razor is made from brass and powder coated to give it it's colour whilst also protecting the razor from rust.

      However, the steel double edged razor blades will rust if exposed to water for sustained periods of time. This is the same as you would experience with disposable razors. The trick is to keep your razor some place dry and if you can, dry off the blades after use. This will extend their life.

      Leaving your safety razor upright in a stand will help the blade to dry naturally.